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Who am I?

A qualified Industrial designer with web, product, car and toy design background. I spend most of my time pursuing creative adventures, with a list of ideas and projects that keep me busy in my spare time.

I am a creative web designer with over 15 years of design experience. I have worked alongside Web Developers, Business Analysts, UX consultants, Product Owners as well as other designers to design, build, update websites and communicate with resolving the look and feel of the user experience.

My background is from web design, using both content managed systems and using the raw coding, to create all front end elements, with understanding to type, spacing and layout.

As a Front End developer I worked alongside other devs working on Estate agent websites, using both HTML, CSS, with elements of .Net, PHP and Wordpress.

My previous experience revolve around the look and feel of an online questionnaire, which was used as an online procurement tool. My tasks included continuous user experience improvements, browser compatibility, keeping to strict branding restraints, keeping to web standards and guidelines.

As well as other web based graphics, such as banners, icons and visuals, I have also created designs for business reports, flyers, T-shirts and posters. My attention to detail and care in all my pieces is not only just evident in my visuals, but also documentation of user and branding guidelines.

I also worked as a Toy Designer and Inventor, drawing up proposals for submissions for clients, as well as designing original ideas.

  • I work on both PC and Apple platforms
  • Ensure that all websites work on mobile devices
  • CS5 packages, especially Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator
  • Low and high-fidelty website wireframing, 3d prototyping, sketching, mood boards, user testing and research
  • Experience of using Visual Studio, TFS, and Agile Methodology
  • GIT
  • Overseeing Usability and browser testing
  • HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3 to web standards
  • Style and User guide documentation
  • Sketchwork and Presentation renderings
  • MS Office packages
  • Wordpress
  • Working knowledge of Jquery libraries

In my spare time, I spend my time either behind a camera, designing on a computer or drawing in a sketchpad. I've been drawing, more specifically cars for over 20 years some of which have been featured in galleries, publications, printed material and T-shirts. I specialise in retro and classic cars and have developed a huge interest in scrapyards.

I have designed, built and research several websites that are a result of my interest in cars, including a website that is dedicated to my car photographs and a website that covers Datsuns and older Japanese cars.

My attention to detail and composition lends itself to photography, a past time that I'm constantly inproving. Several of my shots have been included in motoring publications.

I'm also an avid model maker, having built models from blue foam, clay, resin, paper and card.

User Experience Visual Designer, responsibility for web based and back office solutions – using Visual studio, TFS, Axure, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Extensive communication with analysts, product owners and customers to seek requirements for the customers, using low-fi sketches to describe user journeys.

Toy designer and inventor, creating idea’s through sketch work and Photoshop for submission to manufacturers.

HTML conversion from paper to online learning courses.

HTML programming, consultancy, web design and graphic design for design agencies using Dreamweaver, Photoshop and companies own CMS.


Web Design

Bespoke, Wordpress and online solutions in HTML/CSS


Banners, icons and other graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator

Car Illustrations

Photoshop renderings of transportation


Examples of sketchwork and drawings


Hobby and commissioned work

UX/UI Experience

Consulting and Front end design


Working as a team in sprints

Toy Design

Toy inventor and designer

Featured websites

HTML/CSS and Photoshop websites


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